My name is TAKESHI, and I’m running Bridge to JAPAN.
Bridge to JAPAN is, as the name implies, a “bridge to Japan. I started working at a Japanese restaurant specializing in pasta when I was 18 years old, and left after six and a half years.

In 2020, I started to spread the word about how to make Japanese food through Youtube.
The reason why I started this project is because I have been living in Australia for a long time and I have always thought, “In Australia, I can’t get the Japanese ingredients that I think I need as much as I can in Japan. It’s not surprising…

That’s when I thought about it. I thought that there must be many foreigners who love Japanese food and are suffering from the same problem…I thought that there are foreigners who have given up on Japanese food that can be made with some ingenuity…There are a lot of videos and books in this world that provide instructions in English. However, they are all made with ingredients and products bought in Japan. I have seen ingredients that are hard to find in other countries.
Japanese food, if I do say so myself, is one of my favorite cuisines because it is rich in variety and healthy. It is not easy for a foreigner to make it, as some of the processes are difficult.
However, I think it’s a good idea. I hope that foreigners who love Japanese food will learn how to make it and enjoy it. You don’t have to make it perfectly. I want to provide them with an easy way to make delicious food with ingredients that are available in their own country. I believe that everyone has times when they want to prepare dinner quickly and easily because they are busy working or raising children. I think we all have those times.
It is natural that if you take your time carefully, the food will turn out delicious. I want to show foreigners that Japanese food can be made easily, sometimes by using substitute ingredients, while keeping the basics of how to make Japanese food.
My wife is Australian. She is now able to make miso soup and rice balls.

Food makes people happy.

I want people to spend warm time with their families and loved ones with delicious food. I hope that I can be a small helper for such a wonderful time.

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