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Japanese MapoTofu(麻婆豆腐)

Hello Bridge to JAPAN! This time, I would like to show you how to make Mapo-Tofu, a Japanese version of Chinese food.
It is a Chinese dish made by stir-frying minced meat, red chili peppers, soybean paste and tofu with chicken broth.
Originally, miso is not used, but it can be made with miso that you have at home, so please try it!
You can also adjust the amount of chili pepper to make it as spicy as you like. So if you like it very hot, you can add more!
I think it would also be delicious served over rice as a bowl of MapoTofu.


  • Originally, one of the Chinese dishes, Mapo-Tofu, which is popular in Japan, is less spicy.
  • It is believed that Chen Jianmin( 陳建民 )was the first person to popularize it in Japan.
  • The use of miso makes it more mellow.
  • It is often served in restaurants as well as on the dinner table at home.

Episode In JAPAN

Mapo Tofu is a popular home-style dish, but for me, the most impressive product is the Mapo Tofu Base sold in supermarkets.
This product, which can be made quickly by simply adding tofu to the Mapo Tofu base, played a role in my menu planning as a single person at the time. Chinese food on a hot summer day is more sweaty and very tasty. Even if you are sweating, the spiciness of Chinese food makes you sweat even more.
I think that’s what MapoTofu is. If you put it on top of rice, it’s great! It also goes well with beer. Most tofu dishes have a light flavor, but the combination of Chinese food and tofu with spices was a shock to me.

The Key Item

After all, tofu is indispensable. Firm Tofu or Silken Tofu , it doesn’t matter which, and Miso!
If you don’t like the spiciness, you can add miso. It makes it mellow!

Japanese MapoTofu(麻婆豆腐)

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The key is to use miso. It makes it less spicy, milder, and more finished!


  • Lite Firm Tofu (1 package)

  • 250g Beef Mince

  • Some Ginger Some Garlic(2 or 3 cloves)

  • Some Shallots

  • 1 Tsp Oyster Sauce

  • Some Chilli

  • 2 Tsp Potato Starch

  • 4 Tsp Water

  • 1 Tsp Vinegar

  • **Sauce**
  • 150ml Water

  • 1 Tsp Dashi (Fish stock)

  • 2 Tbsp Sake

  • 1 Tbsp Soy Sauce

  • 1 Tbsp Sugar

  • 1 Tbsp Miso


  • **Preparation**
  • Make the sauce (mix water, dashi ( fish stock ), sake, soy sauce, sugar, and miso in a bowl).
  • Cut green onions into round slices, and mince garlic and ginger.
  • Make water-soluble potato starch. (Add potato starch and water to a container and mix well.
  • Cut tofu into dice.

  • **Cooking Part**
  • Add olive oil to a frying pan, add garlic, ginger and green onion and saute over high heat.
    *Save the green onion for topping.
  • When fragrant, add oyster sauce and ground beef.
  • When the beef changes color, add the sauce and tofu.
  • When it comes to a boil again, reduce the heat to low and add the water-soluble potato starch evenly.
  • Simmer until thickened, add the chili pepper and simmer again.
  • Finally, add the vinegar, turn off the heat, and stir gently to finish.
  • Place in a bowl, garnish with green onions, and you’re done!

Recipe Video


  • You can adjust the spiciness with the amount of chilli!

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