Oyako don
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Oyako Don (Chicken and Egg Bowl) 親子丼

Hello, this is Bridge to Japan.
This time, I would like to show you how to make Oyakodon, one of the most famous egg dishes in Japan.
Oyakodon is a kind of rice bowl dish consisting of chicken cooked in soup stock, etc., covered with beaten egg and served on top of rice.
It is often cooked with leeks and onions, and mitsuba is used as a color, but since mitsuba is not readily available overseas, leeks or cilantro can be substituted.
The origin of oyakodon is not clear, but it dates back to the Meiji era (1800s). It has been a popular food among the Japanese people since that time.

It is a simple dish made with eggs and chicken, and has excellent nutritional value; some restaurants in Japan specialize in Oyakodon.
The sweetness of the sugar and the richness of the soup stock enhance the beaten eggs and chicken.
It is also very satisfying and popular among children.
It is easy to make at home, so please give it a try!


  • Oyako means parent and child
  • We use chicken (parent), Egg (child)
  • This is a popular japanese family dish 
  • Japanese children like it

Episode In JAPAN

When I was a child, my mother used to make “Oyakodon” for me.
I loved the sweet flavor more than anything. Just as I loved the sugary chocolates and ice creams that I used to get as a child, I could feel the sweetness in this oyakodon, and it was exciting when it was served for dinner.
The fresher the chicken, the more tender it is, the more it stimulates the brain, and the more indescribably happy I feel.
I had such memories.
If you go to a specialty restaurant, you can enjoy more professional oyakodon, but oyakodon made at home is also delicious.
Oyakodon is a bowl of rice topped with chicken and egg, which is quick, inexpensive, and nutritionally balanced.
I’m sure I’ll keep making it from now on.

The Key Item

If you are going to make Oyakodon, did you know that there are special pans for it?
Of course, you can make it in a frying pan. However, using this special frying pan, Oyako-nabe, is good to have because it can make fluffy and melty oyako-don just like in a restaurant, and it has good heat conductivity, which spreads the entire ingredients efficiently. This is not a food item, but I introduced it as a key item.

How to make Oyakodon

Oyako Don (Chicken and Egg Bowl)

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Oyakodon is a kind of bowl of rice topped with chicken cooked in soup stock and beaten egg.


  • Some Shallots

  • 2 Tbsp Sugar

  • 2 Tbsp Sake

  • 2 Tbsp Mirin

  • 2.5 Tbsp Soy sauce

  • 1 tsp Dashi (Japanese fish stock)

  • 3 Eggs

  • 1 Chicken leg

  • 1/2 Onion 

  • 70ml Water

  • 2 Cups of Rice


  • Cut the leeks into rounds and the onions into wedges.
    Cut the chicken into bite-sized pieces.
  • Prepare the soup stock.
    Fill a glass with 1/3 cup (about 70 ml) water, add 1 teaspoon dashi stock, and 2 tablespoons sugar.
    Add 2 tablespoons sake, 2 tablespoons mirin, and 2.5 tablespoons soy sauce and mix well.
  • Crack the eggs into another bowl and set aside in the mixture.
    Prepare the rice.
  • In an oyakodon frying pan, pour in the soup stock you made, add the chicken (high heat), and then add the onion.
    When the onions and chicken are cooked, turn the heat down to low and pour in the egg mixture in a circular motion.
  • Cover with a lid while shaking gently.
    Cook down to the desired egg consistency.
    In Japan, eggs are usually half-boiled.
  • **Serving**
  • Place the rice in a bowl and top with the egg.
    Garnish with green onions.
  • It’s ready!

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